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Entries for February, 2010

E-mini S&P500 for March 1st

We have strong support from 1103.50 to 1105.00 levels. However 1103.50 is very strong and below that level 1102.75 will act our last support, before market tries to test the low of 1096.25.  if market tries to trade lower we will have 1088.50 too but for now market is very strong and there is a […]

E-mini S&P500 for Feb 26th

Market has tried to break all the support and trade lower but it failed  at 1084 levels .At this moment market is really strong and with high probability is going to test or even break the 1112.00 levels and from there trys to test the 1119 or even 1122 levels. 1096.00 is an important level […]

E-mini S&P500 for Feb 25th

We have important resistance at 1103.50.We still have our key supports at 1092.75.Meanwhile from 1092.00 to 1096.00 is strong area but with break of 1092.00   sellers will step in and push the market lower with high probability.there is a chance market is gaining energy in order to break the  1092.75 level and trade to our […]

E-mini S&P500 for Feb 24th

We have resistance at 1103.75 level.There is a very high probability market will try to test that level.From 1092.75 to 1096.00 we have very strong support.If market finds sellers around 1103.00-1104.50 levels they will try to push it lower and even break the 1092.75 levels and push it to the new relative low.We do have […]

E-mini S&P500 Review after the close on Feb23rd

As we were saying about we need new buyers in order market can break the highs and continue to trade higher however with the negative news that we had this morning sellers took advantage and push the market lower.Our support at 1102.00 got broken.However we knew from previous days that market wants to test the […]