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Entries for May, 2010

EUR/USD 05/24/10

we have semi strong resistance at 1.2570 if market breaks that level there is a high probability to test the 12680. On down side with break of the low market will try to test the 12410 or even 12350.

Euro currency Futurs for May 20th

In our opinion market will trade within the high to the low levels range.the 12318 levels  is very important because with break of that level there is a high probability that market will trade to 12282 levels.

E-mini S&P500 for May 19th

Our support is at 1098.00. Our resistances are at 1117.50, 1119.50, 1123.00,1127.75  and 1128.75 levels.There is a high probability market tries to test the 1098.00 level in order to find sellers.However the 1100.00 is very important psychological level.

E-mini S&P500 May 10th

Our levels are at 1155,1147,1145,and 1135.with high probability market will try to trade within those ranges.