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Entries for June, 2010

EUR/USD June 14th

On June 10th we stated that market can trade to 1.2208 and our target reached today. our range now is between 1.2208 to 1.2108 or even to 1.2074 (with high probability market will trade within this range) Above 1.2208 we have strong resistance and our levels are :1.2248 1.2264 and 1.2294 Dear trader, you can […]

EUR USD June 11th

During European session we  entered to our resistance area and sellers defended that  and push the price lower. (there is high probability market will try to push to push to 1.2052 level) Now we have our support levels starting at 1.2052 or even lower to the 1.2040 if they push lower we have another low […]

EURUSD June 10th

As we forecasted on June 5th market stopped trading lower.Market broke our first target and now it is trying to reach the second target(1.2180) Right now the pressure is upward but there is a chance market tries to test the 1.2046. our support is from 1.2046 to 1.2080 Below 1.2046 there is a chance market […]


In our opinion market reached the bottom for now.we have low forecast of  1.1912 but there is a high probability market trade higher first.our first resistance is around 1.2066 levels above that market will try to test the 1.2180 levels